DTRC E51 Fiber Glass Remote Control Boat High-speed RC Racing Ship Models Painted Emulated Toys Gift for Adults Children

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Item Condition: New and Painted
Hull Material: Fiber Glass
Color: Color: Green
Hull Size: 1300*360*220mm
Propeller: 2* D45 metal propellers
Motor: 2*B4082 brushless motors
ESC: 2*120A
Servo: loaded
Recommended Battery: 2*6S 22.2V (Only RTR includes the battery, PNP doesn't include)
Metal drive shaft: flex shaft
CNC metal steering parts

The Package Includes:
1pc fiberglass boat hull
CNC hardware
Steering System
Cooling System

There are some attachments for optional upgrade, the package option is selected by yourself:
Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:

1. Streamlined unibody fiberglass boat, the same material as a real boat, with high endurance for high speed.
2, High speed could reach to 100km/h.
3, With a water cooling system, provide the motor and ESC a better protection.
4. CNC-made metal steering rudder.
5. Power motor comes with strong momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Will the boat turn over when running?
A: The boat definitely will turn over sometimes. When the boat runs in high speed, the bow rises and the hull vibrates violently so the boat maybe will turn over sometimes, it is very normal. So, you'd better prepare rescue boat for any incidence in advance.
Q2. Will the water get into the boat? Will the devices of the boat break down when flooded in the water?
A: For electric boats, even the boat is sealed properly, water still will get in, it is unavoidable. Try your best to prevent water from entering into servo and receiver by doing some water proofing job, or buy water proof servo. For gasoline boats, water will get into boats easily, but there is one waterproof device box protecting the servo and battery. But if too much water get into the boat, the engine may will be flooded, then it will cause troubles.
Q3. Will the boat sink?
A: Yes, it will sometimes. In high speed situation, the boat maybe will lose control and turn over, crash, or hit something, these will make the water get into the boat, then it maybe sank. So you need to get a rescue boat.
Q4. Does the boat has water cooling system?
A: The boat we sell generally has water cooling system, but maybe there are one or two boats without water cooling system. Please check carefully on our description.
Q5.If I need some spare parts of this item, where should I get it from?
A: Don't worry, Toucan Hobby provides with all parts of the boats. If you need any spare part, you can contact us directly. When you get spare parts, you need to fit and assembly by yourself. If you are not rich in experience, please go to your local hobby shop because some parts is not easy to load.
Q6. Can I refit the boat? A: Of course you can as long as you have this kind of knowledge. These boats can be refitted in order to get the higher speed and more functions.
Q7. Will the hull break? What can I do if I have this problem?
A: Yes, it will sometimes. Even it is made of fiber glass like a real boat, it will get broken when hit something in high speed. If this happens to your boat, we can try our best to help you to restore, but if the boat is crashed seriously, then you may have to get a new boat hull and need to load it by yourself.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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