CROSSRC 1/12 10X10 RC Military Truck XX10 T-REX Remote Control Armored Vehicles Unassembled and Unpainted 2-speed Transmission

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Manufacturer: CROSSRC
Item Condition: New, Unassembled and Unpainted
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/12
Size after Assembled: 1260*384*478mm
Wheelbase: 210mm, 400mm, 175mm, 175mm

The Package Includes:
1/12 XX10 T-REX RC Military Truck Model Body Parts
2pcs 775 Motors
1pc 2-speed Transmission
Horn Sound Effect
Light System

The Package Does Not Include:
Sound System
Remote Controller and Receiver


Upper Body:
1. Futuristic design elements combined with real-world features. The front of the truck is based on the M62 internal combustion engine locomotive from 1965, providing nearly 2000 horsepower of pulling power. It was later used in the famous railway missile system, carrying surgical blade missiles with a range of thousands of miles. In the model, the T-REX is equipped with dual M198 howitzers, KPVT main cannon, PKT, and other equipment. Both sets can rotate infinitely, and the dual howitzers are equipped with a lifting system.
2. The top of the truck's front section features three high-power spotlights, providing brightness while maintaining a nostalgic touch. The original light controller is designed with expansion interfaces, making it convenient to add additional lighting options in the future.
3. The front section of the truck is equipped with an alloy-cast bulldozer blade, exuding a powerful and commanding presence. It can be quickly detached when navigating through complex off-road environments.
4. The entire vehicle is surrounded by metal guardrails and detailed decorations, embodying a strong heavy industry style. It offers ample space for various customization options and modifications according to the players' preferences.

1. The T-REX is equipped with a 775 dual-drive system and a 4M belt. It can optionally use a brushless power system with a diameter below 42mm and 1600KV.
2. It features a fully CNC machined dual-speed M1 straight-tooth multi-plate limited-slip gearbox, ensuring powerful and reliable power output.
3. The frame structure of the T-REX consists of 90% aluminum alloy and 10% resilient nylon, emphasizing rigidity to optimize overall strength during off-road maneuvers.
4. The T-REX adopts a fully independent suspension system, with each set equipped with a robust 20mm-diameter built-in spring shock absorber.
5. The drive shafts are made of special steel and designed with double-ball joints to effectively reduce the velocity difference of the universal joints. It is specifically designed for all-wheel steering, providing stable performance during low-speed movement.
6. The steering system utilizes bearings as crucial components to achieve high-precision all-wheel steering, allowing the 1260mm (1.26 meters) long T-REX to maneuver effortlessly.
7. To ensure outstanding off-road capabilities, the T-REX is equipped with newly developed 3.6-inch, 163mm diameter, and 74mm wide oversized off-road tires.

Electronic Equipment Requirements and Recommendations:
Transmitter: It is recommended to use a 12-channel or higher board control transmitter.
Steering Servo: It is recommended to use two large HV high-voltage steering servos with a torque rating of ¡Ý 80 KG. Metal servo arms is recommended to be used. (Note: It is recommended to use a high-voltage servo with waterproof functionality.)
Shift Servo: It is recommended to use a metal-arm servo with a torque rating of ¡Ý10KG*1. (Note: It is recommended to use a standard servo with waterproof functionality.)
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC): Continuous current rating should be ¡Ý80A, and the ESC's BEC output should be >3A.
If you'd like to choose a Brushed Motor: The 775-level 12V 13000rpm carbon brushed motor is recommended. The motor's outer dimensions should not exceed ?42mm*75mm, with a mounting hole spacing of 25mm or 29mm (The truck needs 2 motors).
If you'd like to choose a Brushless Motor: The motor should have a KV rating of ¡Ü2100KV, and its outer dimensions should not exceed ?42mm*75mm, with a mounting hole spacing of 25mm or 29mm (The truck needs 2 motors).
Motor Gear: M1 module with 11~16 teeth, made of alloy steel.
UBEC: The UBEC should have a continuous current rating of ¡Ý10A. It is recommended to provide an independent power supply to the steering servo through the UBEC.

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