1/30 Heng Long Plastic RC Battle Tank Sherman M4A3 3841-01 2.4G Remote Control Panzer Military Vehicles Painted Assembled

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Manufacturer: Henglong
Item Condition: New
Material: Plastic
Scale: 1/30
Tank Size: 240x120x100mm
ID: HL-1-30-3841-01-ShermanM4A3-P

The Package Includes:
1/30 RC Tank Model
Remote Controller (You need to prepare 3*AA battery for the remote controller)
Infrared Combating System
Tank Battery
USB Charging Cable
Manual Book

1. 320-Degree Rotatable Turret:
- The turret is capable of a full 320-degree rotation, providing enhanced maneuverability during battles.

2. Infrared Battle Functionality:
- Equipped with infrared battle capabilities, allowing for exciting and interactive tank battles with other compatible RC tanks.

3. Realistic Firing Effects:
- Simulates authentic firing experiences with realistic sound effects when the tank fires. Additionally, the model replicates the recoil effect felt in the tank's chassis after each shot.

4. Simulated Lights and Sound Effects:
- Features realistic lighting effects to mimic operational lights on a tank. The model also produces lifelike sound effects, enhancing the overall sense of realism during operation.

5. Versatile Movement Options:
- The tank is capable of moving forward, backward, and turning, providing full control over its movement for strategic gameplay.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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