Taxed 1:16 Henglong RTR RC Tank Pro 7.0 Tiger I 3818 Remote Control Military Cars FPV Hand Spray Painting Road Wheels 360 Turret

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Manufacturer: Henglong
Item Condition: New
ID: HL-70-3818-1CC-SS-FPV-WeiTeMan

The package includes(This tank is very heavy):
Radio controller
FPV camera system
BB pellets
360-degree turret rotation upgrade parts
Infrared Combating Transmitter(supporting multi-player tank war)
Infrared Combating Receiver
Idle smoking generator
1800mah Tank Battery(we can provide a better 5000mah-7000mah battery, please contact.)
USB Universal Charger
English manual book(Don't rely on a manual book, BECAUSE sometimes the book is wrong and outdated)

Metal Parts coming with the tank
Metal tracks
Metal driving wheels
Metal idler wheels
Full metal road wheels
Metal suspension
Metal return rollers¡ꡧif the real tank has¡ê?
Steel gears driving gearboxes

Main Features:
1, Infrared combating system supports many players to combat in a tank war.
2, Metal tracks, sprocket wheels, idler wheels.
3, Full metal road wheels.
4, Full metal gearboxes, steel gears, better wear-resisting property.
5, Scale appearance of real tank.
6, 7.0 mainboard provides two kinds of sound for choice.
7, Each action acts to mimic real tank mechanical sound.
8, Like real tank firing, shooting 6mm BB pellets with COOL hull-recoil action and firing sound effect, and 20m shooting range.
9, 360 degrees limitless turret rotation.
10, Control barrel up and down almost 30 degrees.
11, Emulational tank lights of LED.
12, Idle Smoking like a real tank from "engine", when the tank runs fast the smoke gradually becomes more, but you need to drop liquid into the tank(EACH TIME ONLY DROP ONE DROP or else break)(please note maybe we can not ship liquid to some countries).
13,2.4Ghz radio control system, it supports many similar tanks combating together without radio intervening.
14, Barrel Recoil Effect.
15, FPV camera system

About upgradability:
Some Henglong tanks are available for adding a better driving gearbox, better more realistic barrel recoil function, muzzle flash and laser function, infrared combating function, FPV(first person view) wifi combating function, better batteries, and so on. If you require these functions, please contact me. Some tanks could be upgraded to be full metal chassis and hull.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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