Capo 1/8 Queen RC Crawler Car U4 CD1582X Remote Control Racing Climbing Vehicles Kits 2 Speeds Unassembled and Unpainted

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Manufacturer: Capo
Item Condition: New, Unassembled and Unpainted.
Material: Metal, Plastic
Scale: 1/8
Vehicle Length: 545mm
Vehicle Height: 225mm
Wheelbase: 35mm
Wheel Track: 295mm
Tire Diameter: 13mm
Tire Thickness: 45mm
Chassis Distance From the Ground: 75mm (flat state)

This Package Includes:
1/8 RC Car Model Parts
2-Speed Transmission
Light System

The Package Does Not Include:
Sound System
Remote Controller and Receiver

1. Full Aluminum Alloy Frame Structure:
- Overcomes the self-weight issues of conventional metal materials.
- Achieves an optimal balance between strength and lightweight design.
- Updated manufacturing processes and materials for a more reliable and finely detailed structure.
- Intricate and true-to-scale frame construction.

2. COMMANDER Steering System:
- Introduced in 215, the COMMANDER system has undergone eight years of continuous innovation and refinement.
- Pioneers a simulation of a real rack-and-pinion steering structure for stability and efficiency.

3. CNC Full Metal Suspension Chassis:
- Crafted using CNC full metal processing techniques.
- Features lockable front and rear anti-roll bars.
- Equipped with four sets of gear teeth and four sets of damping shocks, along with independent front and rear straight bridge pull rods.

4. CNC Full Metal Dual-Speed Transmission Box:
- Incorporates a dual-speed gearbox crafted through CNC full metal processing.
- Utilizes medium carbon steel with hardened helical gears.
- Efficient 1:19.8-1:73 dual-speed gear ratios, overcoming performance contradictions between running and climbing.

5. Independent Remote Differential Locks:
- Front and rear differentials independently controlled through remote.
- Utilizes new MIM (Metal Injection Molding) process for differentials with high-temperature hardening.
- Provides powerful output with a MoH hardness ranging from 38-45, suitable for crawling and sprinting.

6. 1:8 Full-Scale Driver's Cabin:
- Highly detailed, fully proportional driver's cabin.
- Features a faithfully replicated central console dashboard, racing bucket seats, and a steering wheel that can be linked to electronic control for rotation.

7. ABS Engine Hood and PC Protective Plates:
- Engine hood crafted from ABS material.
- Protective plates made of PC material for durability and impact resistance.

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