CROSSRC 1/12 8x8 BC8 Military RC Climbing Vehicle Tractor Truck Ready To Run Remote Controlled Crawler Car Hobby Model

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Manufacturer: CROSS
Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/12
Size: 765*250*276MMMM
Wheel Diameter: 134MM
Wheel Centre Distance: 194MM
Wheelbase: 144MM, 228MM, 144MM

The Package Includes:
1/12 BC8 RC Car Model
Sound System
Light System
FlySky GT5 Remote Controller and Receiver

1. MAMMOTH-135/45 R2.2 Oversized Tires: The BC8 model boasts large, patent-formulated MAMMOTH-135/45 R2.2 tires for ultimate realism and exceptional off-road performance. These massive tires effortlessly conquer rough terrains such as wilderness, mud, and gravel, ensuring unparalleled traction.
2. Powerful Drivetrain: The BC8 faithfully reproduces the original vehicle's robust chassis and boasts impressive power that surpasses expectations. It truly lives up to its title of the "Transport Overlord" for all-weather, all-terrain capabilities.
3. Independent Suspension System: The truck is equipped with a sophisticated independent suspension system, featuring eight sets of torsion springs at the front and a rear balance beam suspension. It also includes a specially developed high-power, high-torque brushed motor (560) for enhanced performance. With an 8x8 all-wheel-drive system, reinforced |¦Ì5CVD half shafts, and an all-metal gear dual-speed transmission, this truck offers superior handling.
4. Four-Wheel Steering: The BC8 includes a 4-wheel steering system for precise control and maneuverability. The front two axles serve as steering axles, optimized with carefully calculated steering angles to replicate multi-axle steering found in real vehicles.
5. Gigantic 135mm Tires: The model is equipped with massive 135mm tires, adding to its realistic appearance and enhancing its off-road capabilities.
6. Solid All-Metal Main Frame: The BC8 features a one-piece, all-metal main frame that provides both strength and authenticity to the model's design. This construction ensures durability and stability during operation.
7. Eight-Set Independent Suspension: The vehicle's suspension system consists of eight independent rocker arms, with the front two axles serving as steering axles. The precise calculation of steering angles and the inclusion of dual torsion bars and shock-absorbing springs in the front suspension offer adjustable firmness, allowing you to achieve a realistic driving posture.
8. Balance Beam Rear Suspension: The rear two axles feature a balance beam suspension, combining posture and realism with load-carrying and towing capabilities.

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