Taxed JXModel 1/14 E20 Mini RC Hydraulic Excavator Remote Control Digger Simulation Construction Vehicle Models Sounds Light

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Manufacturer: JXModel
Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
Vehicle Size: About 204*192*73mm
Net Weight: About 1.1KG
ID: JXM-E20-Excavator-RTR-WBK


The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Excavator Model
Hydraulic System with a 4-way Reversing Valve
Sound System
FlySky I6S Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Light System
Hydraulic Oil

Static Technical Parameters:
- Cab top height above ground/mm: 171
- Platform bottom height above ground/mm: 32
- Total track length/mm: 121
- Wheelbase (center distance between drive wheel and guide wheel)/mm: 93
- Single track width/mm: 17
- Total width with front/rear two tracks extended/mm: 73-99
- Maximum extension length of the entire machine/mm: 429
- Total width of the entire machine with extended push shovel front/rear/mm: 73-101
- Chassis length (from track to front shovel)/mm: 154
- Shovel working face height/mm: 18

Dynamic Technical Parameters:
- Maximum rotation angle of the shovel/??: 23
- Maximum track lift angle when the shovel is raised/??: 5
- Minimum turning radius during operation/mm: 145
- Maximum turning radius during operation/mm: 334
- Maximum digging height/mm: 279
- Maximum digging depth/mm: -170
- Maximum rotation angle/??: 360+ (infinite rotation)
- Main arm horizontal rotation angle/??: Left 34 - Right 57
- Platform rotation speed (r/min): 36
- Platform rotation motor reduction ratio: 1:546
- Walking drive wheel track (r/min): 30
- Walking drive motor reduction ratio: 1:603
- Maximum pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 2
- Rated pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 1.5

1. Premium Alloy Construction:
- The entire main body is crafted from high-quality alloy using CNC machining or stainless steel sheet metal.
- Other components utilize engineering plastics and rubber for durability.

2. Compact and Powerful Design:
- Remarkably miniaturized, the excavator features an integrated setup with 4-channel valves, an oil pump, hydraulic tank, battery, integrated motherboard, and a sound system with speakers.

3. Portable and Fully Functional:
- With its miniature dimensions, the excavator offers a complete range of functionalities.
- Convenient to carry around, it provides desktop-level enjoyment wherever you go.

4. Expandable Features:
- Designed with reserved interfaces for quick attachment of additional tools and electric accessories.
- Ongoing releases of compatible attachments for continuous customization.

5. Customized Integrated Motherboard:
- Highly integrated custom motherboard equipped with illuminating searchlights for enhanced visual appeal.

6. Quick Manual Detachment:
- Features a manual quick-detach mechanism for efficient and user-friendly operation.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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