Points Redemption

Welcome to the RC world! At TOUCAN RC HOBBY, we provide top-notch models and exceptional service with lightning-fast shipping. Join our redemption event and make us your go-to choice for festival gifts. Embrace the excitement and let your passion soar! Experience the thrill of RC like never before!


Event Rules:

1) Points can be earned from 2023.11.1-2023.12.31. 1 point is earned for every 1 dollar spent. Points will be deducted if the order is canceled or refunded.

2) Points will be redeemed from 2024.2.1 to 2024.3.31. Points will be voided if not redeemed during this period. To redeem points for gifts, you need to proactively contact us and tell us which gift you want to redeem.

3) Shipping costs are not included in the products for which points are redeemed. If you have an order between 2024.2.1-2024.3.31, the product will be shipped with the order. If you don't, you need to pay a shipping fee.

4) In the period of 2023.11.1-2023.12.31, customers who buy products in our store and pay the total amount of the top ten will get a gift. The gift will be sent from 2024.2.1-2024.3.31. You don't need to pay any fee.

5) The top ten list will be announced in January.

6) The right of explanation of the activity belong to our store, if you have any unclear points, please contact us.

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