CROSSRC 1/8 RC Crawler Car 4X4 EMO X Remote Control Off-road Vehicles Models with Motor ESC Servo 2-speed Transmission Light

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Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Manufacturer: CROSS
Material: Metal, Plastic
Scale: 1/8
Car Size After Assembled: 575mm*300mm*271mm
Wheelbase: 375mm
Size of Battery Compartment:135*50*35mm

The Package Includes:
1pc 1/8 Assembled and Painted EMO X Car
Two-speed Transmission
Light System
Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Doesn't Include:
Sound System

We have different color to choose, the package option is selected by yourself.
Options?¨ºoYellow, Silver, Blue

1. The r EMO X adopts the appearance of the classic hard off-road vehicle, with the modification of competitive style, with a simulated racing driver, a hidden shell buckle, and a full-size spare tire, which is tough and aggressive. The car shell is made of high-quality thickened PC material. The whole car is equipped with a cool flash lighting system controlled independently by a single channel, and multiple lighting modes can be switched by one button.
2. The r EMO X still adheres to the low center of gravity layout and prefers the front and rear counterweight ratio of off-road mountain climbing (features can be easily adjusted through simple counterweight upgrading). The total length of the vehicle body is 575mm, the wheelbase is 375mm, and it adopts 2.2inch MT tires with a diameter of 136mm. It is equipped with front and rear independently controlled differential locks, 2-speed transmission, rear axle balance rod.
3. The r EMO X continues to adhere to the front low center of gravity layout, but this time the battery is in the front, and the climbing characteristics can be changed by changing the size of the battery
4. During the control process of the climbing car, such as rushing up a slope to pull ash or continuous sharp steering, the ball head of the rear axle tie rod will be subjected to a large lateral force, which may cause the ball head to be buckled or even broken. R EMO X is equipped with a rear axle balance link as standard, which is used to absorb and decompose the lateral impact force on the rear axle, effectively protect the suspension link mechanism, and ensure that the rear axle is not affected by the twisting of the rear axle through the mutual rotation of the axes. And compared with the unilateral thrust rod, there will be no unilateral deviation of the rear axle.
5. With the diversified development of climbing car gameplay, R EMO X newly designed front and rear axles with strengthened structures. The door-side deceleration components are installed with cross-section screws to ensure that they will not be damaged under high torque conditions. The tie rod is made of integral molding, which is stronger than the post-mounted tie rod seat, and will not break the tie rod due to twisting or overturning. The new axle continues to retain the 8-degree kingpin caster, which improves the road feel and improves the efficiency of the steering servo, making the control more precise and delicate; the front and rear power input shafts are raised by 10 degrees, so that the angle of the transmission shaft is smaller, which can obviously offset the tension of the steering wheel. The non-uniform velocity effect of the knuckles improves driving comfort and reduces mechanical wear.
6. The differential lock control of R EMO X adopts an adjustment-free installation. The servo stroke is used 100% without adjustment. You will no longer be afraid to upgrade the remote control and burn out the servo in the future. With the new self-lubricating steel wire assembly, it is waterproof and dustproof, and can be locked in seconds. RTR is equipped with 6-channel remote control, the front and rear differentials can be independently locked, front lock and rear differential, front differential and rear lock, same lock and same differential, more fun to play. The inlay structure of the differential lock is fully metalized, which is stronger and more durable, and can be opened and locked without parking.
7. With the newly designed two-speed gearbox, you do no need to remove any screws to adjust the limited slip, just unscrew the cover to adjust. The new gearbox integrates a splitter, and uses all-metal shifting and transfer gears, which are stronger and more durable. The large tooth adopts MO.8 gear, the motor gear upgrade range is wider, and the upgrade of the brushless system is simpler. It is equipped with a 560 high-speed, high-torque self-cooling brushed motor as standard, which can be used for both climbing and crossing.
8. R EMO X adopts 21mm large-diameter shock absorbers, full CNC machining hydraulic cylinder, upper cover vent design, oil filling and maintenance are easier. The spring is fastened with screws, so you are no longer afraid of losing it during trail running.
9. The 2.2-inch lightweight nylon clip wheel hub can significantly reduce the load on the shaft and make the car's dynamic performance more prominent. After the actual performance of MUD tires and the user experience of international excellent products, CROSSRC refuses to copy and insists on originality. CROSSRC comprehensively designed the brand-new "TALON" MT tire, with larger studs and snow lines, while also taking into account the grip of the tire wall. The diameter is 136mm, and the width is 55mm. It is also compatible with the common 2.2-inch wheels on the market. It is produced with professional synthetic materials, which are high-grip, durable and not easy to puncture.
10. The newly designed M4 ball head buckle enhances the support in the direction of force, and at the same time cooperates with the tie rod embedded fit, the maximum diameter is 7mm, and the shaft diameter is 6mm, greatly improving the suspension pull the strength of the rod system.
11. R EMO X uses all-metal gears (except large teeth) and ABEC-level rubber-covered ball bearings. And the body shell and some decorative parts are made of special cold-resistant nylon.

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