4X4 1/8 CROSSRC RC Off-road Vehicle EMOX2 4WD Radio Control Climbing Crawler Car with Light Motor ESC Servo 2-speed Transmission

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Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Manufacturer: CROSS
Material: Metal, Plastic
Scale: 1/8
Car Size After Assembled: 632*302*297mm
Wheelbase: 375mm
Size of Battery Compartment: 135*50*40mm

The Package Includes:
1pc 1/8 Assembled and Painted EMO X 2 Car Model
2-speed Transmission
Light System
Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Doesn't Include:
Roof Bar Light
Sound System

We have different color to choose, the package option is selected by yourself.
Options:Grey, Deep Blue, Blue

1. EMOX2 adopts a low center of gravity layout, with a front-to-rear weight ratio of 52:48, allowing for easy and precise control during traversing, crawling, and jumping.
2. The customized Hobbywing 880 ESC supports 4S input and provides 7.4V high-voltage BEC output, making it convenient for players to upgrade to higher-level steering servos in the future.
3. The differential lock and gearbox shifting mechanism utilize CROSSRC's independently developed full-travel control servo protection system. It eliminates the need for servo adjustment when upgrading servos or remote controllers, ensuring that the servos remain undamaged.
4. The vehicle's gears are manufactured using high-quality powder injection technology and high-strength alloy steel integrated molding process. This enhances gear engagement lubrication, effectively reduces noise generation inside the gearbox, and ensures smooth and unobstructed power transmission throughout the vehicle, aided by high-precision ABEC3 bearings.
5. The gearbox features a two-speed reverse transmission design, meeting the requirements for most off-road terrains. The first gear reduction adopts silent large gears and is equipped with a CNC limited slip mechanism, effectively protecting the entire drivetrain system.
6. EMOX2 utilizes a high-strength axle assembly, with precise calculations and alignment of the vehicle's links, drivetrain, and suspension. This results in highly responsive and virtually axle-effect-free handling. Additionally, EMOX2 incorporates a lateral anti-roll bar for the front axle and a balanced link for the rear axle, providing excellent lateral support during high-speed maneuvers and effectively reducing unnecessary weight transfer.
7. The high-strength axle assembly is reinforced with three-dimensional embedding and axial screws, ensuring extreme stress points are toughened and thickened to meet the strength requirements of high-power brushless systems.
8. The links and rod end links adopt an M4 embedded design, with a maximum diameter of 7mm. They are precision machined from stainless steel, providing both wear resistance and a lower center of gravity, while also being aesthetically pleasing and practical.
9. The rear axle balance link, a unique standard feature by CROSSRC, is designed to absorb and distribute the lateral impact force experienced by the rear axle rod end link, effectively protecting the suspension linkage mechanism. Through axial rotation, it ensures that the rear axle remains unaffected by twisting. Furthermore, compared to a single-side anti-roll bar, it prevents the phenomenon of rear axle offset.
10. The EMOX2 now features a new integrated lighting system, including synchronized left and right turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights. It comes with hazard flash and strobe modes and also provides an upgraded interface for off-road auxiliary lights.
11. Considering the convenience of the vehicle's appearance and shell removal, the EMOX2 incorporates a new quick-release hidden shell lock, which is simple, reliable, and does not affect the overall appearance.
12. EMOX2 features the all-new all-terrain climbing tire, independently designed by CROSSRC. The new tire offers superior performance and durability.
13. Off-road and climbing environments present the most significant challenges to the suspension system. Starting from the EMOX2, the shock absorber's core shaft is treated with vacuum plating, effectively improving the smoothness and sealing performance of the shock absorber, while enhancing its adaptability to complex environments.
14. Collisions are inevitable during high-speed traversing. To minimize damage to surrounding components, the EMOX2 incorporates special ultra-fiber materials, ensuring that bumper parts and other cushioning components at the front, rear, and sides maintain high toughness and are less prone to damage, all while preserving the vehicle's appearance.

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