Pre-order 1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator 914 5-ways Valve Metal Remote Control Digger Model Innovative Hydraulic Valve Painted and Assembled

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Manufacturer: CUT
Item Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Material: Metal, Plastic
Size: 547.9*162.9*234.6
Scale: 1/14
ID: CUT-C914-Excavator-5CH-RTR-YW

The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model
Light System
Sound System
Hydraulic System with 5-ways Reversing Valve
Manual Quick Release Coupler
FlySky ST8 Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

Static Parameters
- Body width (mm): 194
- Ground clearance at upper edge of tracks (mm): 69.3
- Ground clearance at top of body (excluding exhaust pipe) (mm): 184.6
- Ground clearance at top of cab (excluding protective net) (mm): 221.3
- Ground clearance of counterweight (mm): 80.9
- Wheelbase (mm): 239.1
- Standard track width (mm): 35
- Distance between tracks (mm): 163
- Width of the bulldozer blade (mm): 198
- Maximum width of the chassis (mm): 203.2

Dynamic Parameters
- Maximum ground clearance with the bulldozer blade down (mm): 15.2
- Maximum ground clearance with the bulldozer blade up (mm): 52.6
- Rotation angle: 360 (infinite rotation)
- Torque of worktable rotation motor (kg): 25
- Rotation speed of the worktable (r/min): 9.5
- Single cylinder thrust (kg): 15
- Maximum speed of drive wheels (r/min): 30
- Drive wheel reduction ratio: 1/256
- Maximum pressure of hydraulic system (MPa): 4
- Rated pressure of hydraulic system (MPa): 2.5

1. Main Body Construction: The main body predominantly uses CNC and stainless steel sheet metal processing, with some critical components made using ABS molds.
2. Multi-functional Design: This model is a multi-purpose machine, offering various upgrade options and multiple attachments to enhance playability.
3. Innovative Hydraulic Valve: First to use newly developed mechanical proportional hydraulic directional valve.
4. Integrated Hydraulic Pump Station: Reduces hydraulic pipelines by integrating a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, oil level indicator, and oil outlet.
5. Integrated Chassis: The one-piece formed chassis increases body strength, provides stable torque output for drive, and reduces noise.
6. Counterweight Design: Sliding design of the counterweight with support from two linear bearings allows for smooth backward pull, facilitating quick battery replacement.
7. Track Upgrades: Tracks are pre-drilled with four mounting holes for easy upgrade to rubber tracks, enabling desktop entertainment play.
8. Hydraulic Swivel: Uses a planetary oil seal for smooth, stutter-free rotation and excellent sealing performance.
9. Cylinder Design: Adopts the sealing principle and structure of real vehicle cylinders, ensuring smooth operation with minimal resistance, good sealing, and easy maintenance.
10. High Integration Mainboard: Controls walking and hydraulic pump motor.