K970-300 1/14 RC Hydraulic Demolition Machine Excavators With Upgrade 2-arm Part CNC Machined 6061 Material 4-Way Large Valve System

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Manufacturer: CUT
Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
ID: CUT-K970-300-PL18EVLite-With2Arms-RTR-Y

The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model without Bucket
Hydraulic System
Light System
Sound System
FlySky PL18EV Lite Remote Controller and Receiver
Quick Replaceable 2-arm
Metal Rack for Demolition Arm
Metal Rack for 2-arm

The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

Drive Power: Specialized brushless planetary reduction mechanism
Rotation Power: Specialized brushless planetary reduction mechanism (low speed)
Hydraulic Power: Customized 5048 motor + Italian pump
Hydraulic Valve Group: 4-way large valve + 5-way medium valve (combination)
Cylinder Structure: Authentic vehicle structure (flange + oil seal + wear-resistant strip)
Maximum Hydraulic System Pressure: 6MPA
Hydraulic System Operating Pressure: 3.5-4MPA
Rotation Motor Reduction Ratio: 1:256
Track Width: 55MM
Rotation Plate Reduction Ratio: 1:5
Travel Reduction Ratio: 1:256
Rotation Motor Model: Customized 2008
Drive Motor Model: Customized 2208
Cabin Structure: Adjustable angle of the driver's cabin


1. CNC Machined 6061 Material:
- The entire vehicle chassis, shell, and boom are precision-machined using CNC technology with 6061 material, ensuring durability and strength.

2. 4-Way Large Valve System:
- Equipped with a 4-way large valve system to meet the main arm's flow requirements, with an additional valve serving as an auxiliary hydraulic channel.

3. Improved Rotation Motor:
- The latest precision gear technology in the rotation motor effectively addresses the issue of excessive play in the 970-100S rotation, providing a more precise and stable rotation.

4. Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Pump:
- Utilizes the latest 5048 brushless motor in the hydraulic pump, ensuring a more proactive and responsive startup for efficient hydraulic operation.

5. Adjustable Cab Angle and Enhanced Weight Distribution:
- The cab features a variable angle for the driver and is designed to accommodate additional weight for stability. The tracks are reinforced and widened, using stainless steel for added strength. The entire interior of the copper tube hydraulic cylinders is finely polished.

6. Versatile Operation Modes:
- Supports interchangeable arm types, allowing for easy switching between demolition and excavation modes by changing the arm configuration.

7. Next-Generation Steel Valve:
- Incorporates a new generation of steel valves that provide improved coordination, smoother linear response, and minimal internal leakage for enhanced performance.

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