GER Stock Henglong 1/16 TK7.0 Transmitter Ready to Run Leopard2A6 RC Tank 3889 Barrel Recoil Metal Tracks W/ Rubbers

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This is a second hand item. After you get it, if there's any problem, please contact with us immediately and provide pictures and videos. We will offer you free technical assistance, replacements and solutions. Please rest assured.

The package includes:
One 7.0 Professional Version Henglong Leopard2A6 3889 RC Tank

Item condition:
The tank was returned because its barrel lifting gearbox does not work.

Metal parts coming with the tank
Metal tracks with single-side rubber pads
Metal driving wheels with fixators
Metal idler wheels with bearings
Full metal road wheels
Metal suspension
Metal return rollers (if the real tank has)
Steel gears driving gearboxes

Main features:
1, Infrared combating system supports many players to combat in a tank war.
2, Metal tracks, sprocket wheels, idler wheels.
3, Full metal road wheels.
4, Full metal gearboxes, steel gears, better wear-resisting property.
5, Scale appearance of real tank.
6, 7.0 mainboard provides two kinds of sound for choice.
7, Each action acts with mimic real tank mechanical sound.
8, Like real tank firing, shooting 6mm BB pellets with COOL hull-recoil action and firing sound effect, and 20m shooting range.
9, 360 degrees limitless turret rotation.
10,Control barrel up and down almost 30 degrees.
11,Emulational tank lights of LED.
12,Idle Smoking like real tank from "engine", when tank runs fast the smoke gradually becomes more, but you need to drop liquid into the tank(EACH TIME ONLY DROP ONE DROP or else break)(please note maybe we can not ship liquid to some countries).
13,2.4Ghz radio control system, it supports many similar tanks combating together without radio intervening.
14, Barrel Recoil Effect.

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