1/14 10x10 RC Hydraulic Crane Full Dump Truck Metal Lorry Car Rear Axle Steering Painted Assembled with Light Sound System

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Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Material: Metal, Plastic
Scale: 1/14
Color: Yellow
Size: About 830x190x290mm
Net Weight: About 15KG
ID: TH-X-BZ-1010-CraneDump-USBKT-XELite-RTR-Y

The Package Includes:
1/14 10x10 RC Crane Dump Truck Model with U-shaped Short Bucket
Hydraulic System with 9-way Reversing Valve
Light System
Sound System
Rear Axle Lifting
Rear Axle Steering
Central Differential Transfer Case
FrSky Tandem XE Lite Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

We have different color to choose, the package option is selected by yourself.

Transmission ratio: 1st gear 1/113; 2nd gear 1/86.4; 3rd gear 1/62.1
Bucket dumping angle: 50
Bucket rated load: 15kg
Vehicle weight: 15kg
Vehicle dimensions: 830mm190mm290mm
Maximum lifting weight with boom fully extended: 0.5kg
Valve: 9-channel all-steel reversing valve
Working oil pressure: 3.5MPA
Recommended Hydraulic oil: Hydraulic oil No. 46

1. Upgraded 9-Channel Reversing Valve: Enhanced control with a versatile 9-channel reversing valve for precise maneuvering.
2. Durable Construction: Crafted with precision using nodular cast iron for the main components, ensuring durability and longevity.
3. Micro Hydraulic Pump: Utilizes a high-quality micro hydraulic pump for efficient and reliable hydraulic operations.
4. 2mm Hydraulic Piping: Features a complete 2mm hydraulic piping system throughout the entire vehicle, greatly improving aesthetics and organization.
5. Simulated Crane Technology: Equipped with a realistic 4-section telescopic arm with oil cylinder, providing an authentic crane experience.
6. Reserved hydraulic oil channels: Two reserved hydraulic oil channels for upgrade parts.
7. 360 Rotating Oil and Electrical Slip Rings: Enables seamless and continuous rotation for enhanced flexibility during operation.
8. Interchangeable Bucket Types: Fully detachable and replaceable bucket, allowing users to switch between different types of buckets for various tasks.
9. Simulation 3-Speed Gearbox: Mimics the functionality of a 3-speed gearbox, providing a realistic driving experience.
10. 10x10 Wheel-Side Reduction Axle: Features a specialized wheel-side reduction axle with 10x10 configuration for improved traction and stability.
11. Central Differential and Axle Locks: Equipped with a central differential and differential locks on all axles, enhancing control and stability on challenging terrains.
12. Simulated Radiator with Fan: Realistic radiator design with an integrated fan for authentic heat dissipation effects.
13. Simulated Stainless Steel Components: Includes simulated stainless steel components such as variable-section main beam, drive shaft, and wheels, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.
14. Headlights, roof illumination lights, and side lights are controlled together with the central differential through the same channel. The three rotating lights illuminate when powered, and they cannot be controlled remotely.
15. Simulation Engine Sound Group: Delivers a realistic engine sound experience, adding to the overall immersive play.
16. Roof Cup Lights and Rotating Engineering Lights: Features roof cup lights and rotating engineering lights for added visual appeal.
17. Simulated Interior Platform: Includes a simulated interior platform for a detailed and lifelike appearance.
18. Linked Tail Axle Steering & Lifting: Enables linked steering and lifting on the tail axle, providing precise control and maneuverability.

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