Capo Crawler Climbing Off-road 1/6 SIXER1 Samurai RC Car I6S Radio Motor ESC 7 Servo Air Suspension Roof Light Steering

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Item Condition: New, assembled and unpainted condition.
Material: Metal, Plastic
Size: 533.7*264.8*290MM

This package includes:
Car Body
Front & Rear LED Light
Roof Rack with Roof Light Bar
Roof Steering Light
Front Bumper
Motor: 45T
Servo: 9G, 12KG, 20KG
ESC: 320A
Radio System: FS I6S with IA10B

This package DOES NOT include:
Sound System

We have different color to choose, the package option is selected by yourself.

1, Before you see the actual size of it, you may imagine it should be big. As a K-car, the Samurai has small and agile appearance. The details will be presented better when scaled up.
2, Totally change the previous "All metal" product design. Now the body is made of hardened plastic, except reduce the on-spring load and provide more custom possibilities on the exterior, because it's easier to be modified compared with the metal body. From the hard-top, convertible, pick-PRO and even the roll cage buggy.
3, The body is divided into different sections. Hood and tail gate with hinges can be operated, they both equipped with mechanical lock, windows can be rolled up and down manually. All those features increase the playability.
4, The details are shown as much as possible. We customized the bucket seat and racing steering wheel, and kept other classic design original. Besides Capo's traditional design which the wipers and steering wheel is operational, now the gear changing lever can also be controlled by the servo. And mounting positions for the interior lights.
5, We also design the seats by testing different popular action figures 02, make sure most of them will fit perfectly, the leg room can be adjusted by pulling the lever of the seat.Removed back seats can provide the space for the battery, and keep the large storage room for the accessories.
6, Metal chassis: All new design, the DOHC inline engine drivetrain shell, the gears in the 2-speed gearbox are mounted on the same side, easy to do the adjustment and maintains, such as change the motor gear, adjust the shifting servo.
7, Capo Samurai has a transfer gearbox with the gears spin on the opposite directions, with the torque applies to different directions, the chassis won't lean to the side when accelerate.
8, Suspension: The suspension is customized to the late 90s style. The spring and the damper is separated, push rod and Panhard rod makes the chassis movement more legalistic, and increase the off-road capability.
9, Steering: Applied the Acerman design, the steering servo hides behind front grill.
10, Differential: To keep the balance between the toughness and the realism, we change the structure of the diff shell and the axle shell, keep the functional diff lock and make the axle tougher.
11, Wheels: Like the real car, the rim is secured by 5 bolts, and compatible with the traditional single nut when change the hexagonal connector. For the first time we will provide the tire based on different terrain. All terrain tires as standard, and mud tires for optional.

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